The Pioneer Pets T-Filter (3091) is for use with the Swan, Retro and Round Ceramic Fountains and will keep your water clean and healthy.

It is recommended that filters are replaced monhtly so that they work to their full potential.



  • Extends life of fountain
  • 3 Layer Filtration system
  • Keeps water fresh & clean
  • Captures debris
  • Pack contains 3 charcoal filters


For use with the following fountains:

Product Code Product Name
6033 Retro fountain & food station
6034 Retro fountain with reservoir
7103 Ceramic round fountain-black
7103B Ceramic round fountain-blue
3075 Swan Fountain
3044 Magnolia Fountain

Pioneer Pet Replacement T-Filter 3-Pack (Swan & Round Ceramic)

SKU: 3091