Monkee Tree Cat Ladder Starter Pack!

"Allowing our cats to have a high, 'cat-only' zone is one of the best ways we can minimize stress and look after our cats' behavioural needs! This plays into their normal hunting behaviours and gives them a good excuse to exercise. This is why the Monkee Tree is one of my favourite cat products!" From our founding veterinarian, Dr. Tait.



This innovative and versatile (indoor & outdoor) cat ladder is easy to assemble and suits most living situations!

The stump provides a stable base for the Monkee Tree and can even be secured on sloping floors. Multiple step positions allow for customisation which can stand alone or be bracketed to walls or even sit in corners. The steps even have slots where you can dangle your pet’s favourite toys and turn this cat tree into a playground!

Better yet, its weather resistant, easy to clean and once well loved by your cats after its long life-span, can be recycled!



  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Scalable cat tree ladder
  • Multipurpose modular cat ladder – great for multi-cat houses, cat cafes, cat hotels and daycares, and more!
  • Adjustable stump that can accommodate sloping floors
  • Versatile assembly with multiple step positions (horizontal and vertical)
  • Can be extended further and added to with other Monkee Tree Kits & accessories (available on Arktos Suppliers)
  • Attach toys by hanging them from step slots to create a playground for your feline
  • Made with durable, UV-resistant, and recyclable Polypropylene
  • Comes with simple instructions for easy assembly
  • Easy to clean and maintain for long-term use
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand
  • Safe for cat use, can comfortably hold cats up to 12.5 kg, and branches fold when overloaded

Packs Include:

12 Trunk Starter Pack:

Total Height: 124cm
1 x Stump
12 x Trunks
4 x Branches (steps)
1 x Tree Top

Wall brackets and screws

Excluded: Floor Fixings

18 Trunk Starter Pack:

Total Height: 181cm
1 x Stump

18 x Trunks

6 x Branches (steps)

1 x Tree Top

Wall brackets and screws
Excluded: Floor Fixings


Extension kits can be added to create taller trees! If taller than 181 cm, they will require bracketing to a surface to ensure that they don't topple when your cat reaches their high thrown!

Spoil your feline with the Monkee Tree Trunk Starter Pack and satisfy their curious nature and climbing instincts!

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Monkee Tree

Monkee Tree Starter Pack

  • Can I install a Monkee Tree myself?
    Yes anyone can install a MonkeeTree. View the assembly video on Youtube or the instructions supplied with your Monkee Tree.  We however recommend you seek professional assistance for installations over 3m high.


    How high can the Monkee Tree go?
    We recommend the maximum height of 3.7m, without an intermediate landing.


    What weight will the Monkee Tree support?
    Monkee Tree branches will support cats up to 12.5kg.


    What surfaces can I mount a Monkee Tree?
    Timber decks or floors, concrete floors, paving squares. The Stump accommodates sloping ground surfaces.


    What will happen if someone stands on a Branch?
    The branches are not designed for humans. They are designed to fold down when overloaded to prevent people from climbing up your Monkee Tree. The Branches can be easily replaced should one become overloaded.


    One of my steps is broken. How do I replace it?
    Simply unscrew the existing Branch, replace it with a new Branch by levering the top tab into the upper slot, push down and replace screw.