Want to wash away itchy dandruff or greasy, yeasty coats or relieve reddened and scaly skin patches?


Malaseb is a gentle shampoo that is formulated to remove, scale, degrease the skin and kill microorganisms which is a major cause of dermatitis in dogs and cats.

It helps to kill pathogenic and opportunistic bacteria and yeast and reduce them to manageable levels. It also helps to remove allergens such as pollens which can get trapped in fur and are some of the leading causes of itch and irritation. The base of the shampoo helps to eliminate fats throughout the coat without damaging or stripping all of the coat's natural oils.

Malaseb Shampoo

    • Ensure the coat is completely wet before applying as this will make it easy to lather and spread over the coat
    • Use a wet sponge or a zoom groom to spread the shampoo throughout application
    • Leave the shampoo on your pet’s coat for 10 minutes - have a break, play ball or enjoy a frozen licki mat on a hot day!
    • Use a damp cloth with diluted foam to clean your pet’s face and take care to avoid eyes
    • Then rinse and pat dry!
  • We always recommend a veterinary examination prior to use for the below as every individual can be different!

    Seborrheoic dermatitis: Use as directed twice weekly while infection is active, then use once a fortnight for maintenance.  This is typically a condition that requires on going management but if there are any underlying/compounding factors this should be managed with your veterinarian.

    For ringworm: Use twice weekly to clean the coat of spores and infectionwhich generally requires treatment for 8-12 weeks, with guidance from your veterinarian.