There has never been a more imporant time to keep your dog safe, and be ready for when accidents do happen. 

With world wide vet shortages, more emergnecy centres are going on by-pass, meaning increased travel time for veterinary intervention. With the Fursafe Dog Heat Relief Kit, you can be ready to take life saving steps to save your best friend.


Heat Stress & Heat Stroke are killers for dogs; it is as simple as that.

At Arktos Suppliers we believe the greatest priority is PREVENTION but accidents do happen.

The Fursafe Emergency Dog Heat Relief Kit will assist you in PREVENTION and RESPONSE to heat stressEnclosed in this kit are instructions on the necessary steps for response.
This kit also comes with an emergency first aid E-book that can be kept on your phone for easy access. We recommend familiarising yourself before an accident does happen. We also recommend you call the nearest emergnecy veterinary clinic for further assistance stabilising your dog prior and during transport.


You must ACT quickly whenever a dog exhibits signs and symptoms of heat related illness. We recommend if you are worried about signs of heat stress or stroke to contact your vet immediately for further assistance and advice.


If you:

  • Have a house dog who has access to the back yard
  • Take them to the beach, hiking, boating or adventuring
  • Enjoy Agility sports
  • Take your dog caravanning, camping or hunting; or
  • Live on a farm

Then this kit is for you.


This kit is very portable with a heavy duty exterior and comfortable handle making it easy to take it to picnics, the beach or other adventures.


The Emergency Dog First Aid Guide eBook will be sent via email after purchase. Please check your email is correct and check spam/junk mail. If it has not arrived in 48 hours please email our team at



Dog Emergency Heat Relief Kit

  • 1x Comprehensive First Aid Book (EBook which can be downloaded and kept on your phone for emergnecies)
    1x Physical Heat Stress Instruction Card
    2 x 240g Instant Ice Pack
    2 x Instant Ice Pack Cover
    2 x Cooling towels
    2 x Electrolyte Sachets
    1 x Flexible Digital Thermometer
    2 x 3g Lubricant
    1 x Emergency Blanket which can be used to create shade 
    1 x Water bottle which is used to wet your dog, the cooling towels or fill with water and add electrolytes
    1 x Water bowl