Do the right thing on dog walks and don't get cought without a roll!

Now there's a way to be extra reightous with home compostable waste bags.

We all know that single-use plastics take hundreds of years to decompose and make up tonnes of waste in landfill. With single-use plastic becomign a thing of the past, Bio Gone have created a range of home compostable waste bags made from renewable sources like plants.

These bags are not just for dog walks - use them to dispose of cat litter, or like me, to clean up the yard .


What does "home compostable" mean?
Home Compostable bags are made from plant material rather than fossil fuels. Biogone home compostable bags are made to Australian/NZ standard AS5180 for Home Compost. These bags will biodegrade in a landfill or in your home compost bins.



  • Made from plant material not fossil fuels
  • Made to Australian/NZ standard AS5810 for Home Compost
  • Will biodegrade in a landfill or in your home compost bins
  • Biodegradability has been confirmed by an independent laboratory
  • Please note that Home Compostable products are not recyclable and cannot be reused


Bag dimensions: 195mm x 305mm

Pack size: 225 bags


The tech stuff: Commercial Compostable (to AS4736) plastic needs to meet certain conditions for it to biodegrade in a commercial compost facility or the microbes cannot survive and the plastic item won’t be broken down. Another limitation is that these types of plastics are not intended for recycling. BioGone does not use commercial compostable plastics. BioGone supplies quality products that fully decompose in landfills or home composts. Some customers have tested BioGone products in their commercial compost and have had great results.



  • We recommend putting cat/dog poop seperate home compost for animal waste.
  • Alternatively check with your local council if your kerbside green waste bin accepts cat and dog waste, otherwise this will breakdown in normal landfill.

Biogone Doggo Waste Bags Roll 225 Bags - Home Compostable