Do the right thing on dog walks and don't get cought without a roll! Landfill biodegradable!

Now there's a way to be extra reightous with home compostable waste bags.

We all know that single-use plastics take hundreds of years to decompose and make up tonnes of waste in landfill. With single-use plastic becomign a thing of the past, Bio Gone have created a range of landfill degradable and home compostable waste bags made from renewable sources like plants.



  • Made from plant material not fossil fuels
  • Will biodegrade in commercial and municipal composts
  • Non-hazardous to birds and small animals - Won't fragment into small pieces
  • Standard size rolls - will fit most roll dispensers
  • Packaging made from recycled card


Dog bags measure 20cm wide x 30cm tall

Qty: Total of 80 bags (4 rolls of 20)

Biogone Dog Waste Bags (80 bags)