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"As a veterinarian, it is practically a job requirement to love animals and want to care for them - traditionally, this is done directly through the pet. I strongly believe that this is only half of the picture; the human-animal bond! Despite the importance of that bond, little is often done to develop and nourish it. It is from this realisation that I decided to found Arktos Suppliers with a focus on caring for the human-animal bond in a sustainable and safe way."

~Dr. Johanna Tait

As a Veterinarian, Dr Tait's primary focus has, and will always be promoting animal welfare and caring for the human-animal bond. A wordy way of us saying, we love to look after you-looking after your fur babies! Now we have grown into a like minded team of animal owners & lovers that keep sustainability at the forefront of our beliefs. We can't wait to find and develop products that will entertain and delight your entire tribe at home.


Being owned and operated by a Veterinarian, you can be sure that every product offered is carefully reviewed for both its impact on the environment and on your pet - no sneaky toxins (chemical and even the natural ones) or high hazard toys (it's still a good idea to keep an eye on those power chewers)! We are a Melbourne-based company who often love taking our own fur babies to the beach and those same pets often act as our quality-assurance officers (paid in pats & treats, of course!).

We look forward to making both you and your pet happy, and if you have any further ideas to promote sustainability or would like to discuss how we can work with each other, we would love to hear from you!

From Dr. Tait, Mini (Chief Toy Tester), Atlas (Chief Treat Tester) & The Arktos Suppliers Team

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